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I Have Never Seen Michael Masterson’s Penis

Most spanko’s are familiar with Michael Masterson and his work. When we discovered that we could type “spanking” into Google — and add the word videos — instead of looking it up in the dictionary, Michael Masterson was in the top results. That feeling a spanko feels when they first learn they’re not alone in their fetish… […]

Using Spanking to Modify Behavior in a Domestic Discipline Relationship

I recently left the keys to our house in the front door; for several hours, unknowingly. When my husband came home, he found them, and then he found me. We didn’t exchange any words at first. My eyes widened as I realized my mistake, and his eyes pierced me with a stern look. The look. I […]

I’m Really Dumb When I Want to Come

“I need you to say I can.” I reached my arms around his neck, my fingers lacing into his hair. I was so fucking close. I just needed him to say it.

He made me wait a few more seconds, and I could tell he was focusing on his own release. Primal groans escaping him. “You may come,” he said finally.

His words struck me like a bolt of lightening, triggering a cascade of orgasms between us.

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