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I’m Really Dumb When I Want to Come

“Can I come?” I asked, feeling myself approaching the peak.

“Beg me for it.” He didn’t break rhythm, continuing to fuck me in a mated press position while holding a wand against my clit.

Begging wasn’t a strength of mine. It’s the total opposite of brat behavior. But I was so close…

“Please,” I breathed. “Please, I can’t hold it.” Each word fell out of me in sync with his thrusts. My entire body was clenched, trying to stop the orgasm from crashing over me.

“Oh you can do better than that,” he teased, slowing his pace and dropping to his elbows so his face was just a breath away from mine. “Beg.”

“I…” I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t focus on anything other than him inside me, the vibrations pulling me towards release. Without any thought at all, except a primal need to come, I said “I’ll wake you up with my mouth every morning.”

I felt his silent laugh on my cheek. The lingering mead on his breath mingled with his cologne and natural scent, giving rise to an intoxicating fragrance.

“Every morning? And what if you forget? How should I punish you then?” He threaded his fingers into my hair, lifting my head up, his eyes piercing me. I let out a sharp moan as he deepened his thrust, encouraging my response.

“I- I don’t get to choose,” I gasped for breath, realizing I had been holding it for some time as I fought off the orgasm.

“No, I want you to pick your punishment this time. So what will it be?”

My mind raced between options, attempting to find one that seemed severe enough but wasn’t actually. “One cane strike,” I tried, completely missing the mark.

He laughed. Not a great sign.

“Just one? Try again.” He pressed his hips into mine, adding pressure on the vibrator between us.

I bit back another moan, willing my focus. I wasn’t going to compromise on cane strikes. One was enough.

“Ten with your belt.”

“Ten with my belt? That’s barely a punishment for you.” He tightened his grip on my hair as he delivered a quick burst of thrusts. “One more try. Better make it good or you’re not coming tonight.”

Fucking hell. I needed to come. I was going to break at any moment and I’d be punished anyway. At least the punishment I was about to choose was avoidable.

“Ten cane strikes,” I shouted, to my own horror. “Please… I can’t… I’m going to…” I shut my eyes and tried to fight it, but I was losing.

“Ten with the whip,” he said sternly. “Deal?”

“Fine.” I probably would have agreed to anything in this position, and he knew that. So much for picking my own punishment.

“I want to hear you say it,” he growled into my ear, sending shock waves through my senses.

“Ten with the whip,” I mumbled, my orgasm still building.

He sat up, pausing his thrusts as he removed the wand, dropping me from a peak. My eyes shot up in a silent beg for him to continue.

“I want you to say all of it. What are you going to do every morning and what will happen if you don’t?”

The words spilled out of me without hesitation. I didn’t take a moment to consider the reality of what I was agreeing to; I was mindlessly focused on one goal.

“I’m going to wake you up with my mouth every morning or else I’ll get 10 with the whip.”

“All so I’ll allow you to come right now?”


“Good girl,” he whispered as he pressed back into me hard, repositioning the wand between us. My body sprinted back to the peak in just seconds, but as if conditioned to wait, I couldn’t push myself over. It just kept building. And building.

“I need you to say I can.” I reached my arms around his neck, my fingers lacing into his hair. I was so fucking close. I just needed him to say it.

He made me wait a few more seconds, and I could tell he was focusing on his own release. Primal groans escaping him. “You may come,” he said finally.

His words struck me like a bolt of lightening, triggering a cascade of orgasms between us.

I woke up this morning to him kissing my forehead, like he always does before he leaves for work. I didn’t even remember falling asleep. I just remembered the intensity of the orgasms that ripped through me and the few moments after as he finished.

“Love you, drive safe,” I whispered in a sleepy drawl, pulling the blanket in closer.

“Missed my wake-up this morning.” His lips were against my ear.

My eyes shot open, remembering the absurdity of what I agreed to under duress.

He kissed my lips, still parted in shock, and I could feel the smirk on his.

“Be ready when I get home.”

Well, fuck.

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