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I gave this site a makeover after almost a year. When I first had this site built by a friend, I had no clue what my brand looked like. A year later, I’ve discovered that it’s minimal. And it’s pink.

In addition to the makeover, I’ve added 50+ new products to the shop (all of which are also on Etsy). I also plan to utilize this blog more.

My writing journey took a detour this past year when my Etsy shop unexpectedly exploded. And for that, I have Jesus to thank. Literally. It was a judgy Jesus smut bookmark that took off. Since then, I found myself motivated to create more products. Bookmarks, stickers, journals, coloring books, pins, etc. I’ve found a lot of joy in creating. But it’s time I refocus on writing. My soul has been missing it.

Wrex is taking over productions for me so I can invest more energy into the craft. I will be sharing more essays and short stories on this blog first, then cross-post to relevant sites like FetLife, Reddit, Wattpad, and Medium. My goal right now is to post once a week.

Love & Spanks Always,


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